Monday, January 3, 2011

The Paladin Inquisitor

Of 16 Paladin Inquisitors only two remain alive in Baron's time. Faithful servants of the Grand Master, to him alone they answer and owe their allegiance. Neither human nor beast, ever-masked, they roam the lands searching for those with sins in their hearts. It is said that their ruthlessness and lack of compassion are second to none. Raziel, the last Inquisitor General (no longer among the living) was Baron's mentor and taught him everything he knows.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The King of Dreams

The King of Dreams was an obscure warlock who, like many others, had suffered at the hands of the Paladin knights. But unlike most alchemists and warlocks who fought the Paladins using conventional means, such as swords and black magic, Vlad (The King of Dreams) made the dream world his favorite battleground. He had the power to conjure such nightmares that left grown people shaking, afraid to fall asleep. By invading their dreams, Vlad would drive them insane or rob them of sleep and rest, forcing them to end their own life.
Like Oberon and many others, The King of Dreams met his end at the blade of a paladin sword, too.
Legend has it that whenever he walked the dream world, he wore a mask inscribed with magical runes and symbols. The paladins made sure to bury him along with the cursed mask...the mask of The King of Dreams. The location of his grave has always been a closely guarded secret.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Master Assassin

The Master Assassin is the Grand Master of The Estarvan Guild (the guild of assassins). Not much is known about the man behind the mask, except that he founded the Guild. In a rare Sarberian dialect, Estarvan means 'spider'. Hence, when propperly translated, the name of the clandestine organization of assassins is the Spider Guild.
While some claim that its founder is no longer alive, for he would have to be more than two hundred years old, his grave remains empty till this very day.
Eventually, though very well organized, The Guild was destroyed by the Paladin Order, after a failed attempt to assassinate one of the Grand Masters of the Paladins (Grand Master Vildon).
On the order of that same Grand Master, the assassins were hunted down and hanged, but the Master Assassin eluded capture and was never found.

Even today, many believe that he was not of this world...and many more doubt that he no longer draws breath.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Howell Davis

Howell Davis was once a formidable pirate lord, the scourge of the seven seas.
During a bloody raid on a secluded monastery Mrim, he came into possession of an ancient occult book entitled Crow's Codex (second tome). In the heat of a fierce battle with the monastery brotherhood, Howell bested the monastery abbot, wrenched the book out of his hands and then buried the blade of his cutlass deep into the man's skull... all the way to the hilt.
The Codex prolonged Howell's life, but also changed him beyond reckoning. The book had awoken the beast within the man, turning Howell into a monster of unimaginable ferocity. The seas bled wherever Doom sailed. All who dared to cross Howell's path or stand up to his tyranny met a terrible fate. Their bones littered the deep waters. The very planks of Howell's ship bled constantly, soaked by the blood of all the men he had slaughtered.
Although a wanted man in virtually every port, in the end, the sleek galleys of Atar Empire caught up with him. His pirate ship was crippled off the coast of Mentilea and then sunk. The last he was seen, Howell was clutching the Codex in his right hand, while desperately holding on to the mast of the sinking Doom. Never was he seen again by the eyes of the living.
If legends are to be believed, the deep sea did not become his tomb, but rather his new dominion, for the Codex had offered him immortality in exchange for eternal servitude. Having no wish to die and face all those he had robbed of life, Howell agreed, becoming the book's faithful servant.
The life in the depths of the sea changed the dead pirate lord beyond recognition. He lost not only his humanity but his human visage as well, starting to resemble the wretched creatures of the deep - his new minions.

Now he rules the deep waters with an iron fist, much like he had once ruled all of the above.